John Tenniel (1853)

How Mr. Peter Piper Enjoyed a Day's 'Pig-sticking'
Near Burhampoor, Bengal
Mr. Peter Piper rides to cover, and comes to the conclusion, that a camels back bears little or no resemblance to an arm-chair.

Having arrived at the 'Hunting Ground', Mr. Peter Piper tries to take a 'first spear' and fails.

Mr. Peter Piper begins to think 'pig-sticking' a sport only fit for maniacs. He anathematizes all foreign countries -

- and Bengal in particular, and fervently wishes himself in the bosom of his family.

After a tremendous run for his life, Mr. Peter Piper meets a trusty syce, who, to the intense delight of Mr. Piper has brought his horse.

On his way through the jungle, Mr. Peter Piper encounters a 'sounder' and dispatches three 'hogs' in gallant style.

He persues his way in a triumphant manner -

- and ultimately rejoins his friends at 'tiffin', where he affirms that a day's 'pig-sticking' is the height of all human enjoyment and Bengal rather a jolly place than otherwise.