John Tenniel (1853)

How Mr. Peter Piper Tried his Hand at Buffalo-shooting
Near Burhampoor, Bengal
Mr. Peter Piper is morally certain that he can't possibly fire without upsetting the canoe.

Moment of intense anxiety - Mr. Peter Piper fires and his prediction is fulfilled.

The shot, however, takes effect - the buffolo becomes a corpse, but Mr. Peter Piper thinks it hardly worthwhile securing the body.

Mr. Peter Piper has no faith whatever in 'those gimcrack canoes' and begins to think buffalo-shooting 'very poor fun' as compared with 'pig-sticking'. He takes a little refreshment.

Terrific descent of a heard of buffalos. Mr. Peter Piper is seized with a panic -

- and with considerable difficulty climbs into a tree for safety. Peculiarly perplexing position of Mr. Peter Piper.

But a well-directed second barrel settles the matter satisfactorily, and Mr. Peter Piper 'knocks over' the 'monster' in gallant style.

Having secured the skin and horns as trophies of his prowess, Mr. Peter Piper returns to Burhampoor in a triumphant manner.