John Tenniel (1853)

How Mr. Peter Piper Accepted an Invitation
From the Rajah of Rhubburddubdub to Hunt a 'Royal Bengal Tiger'
Elated by his recent triumphs, Mr. Peter Piper is determined to perform prodigies of valour, but is somewhat disconcerted on trying to mout his elephant in an active manner.

On entering the jungle an appaling growl is distinctly audible; the elephant is seized with a panic and gets rid of Mr. Peter Piper by a summary process.

Bewildered condition of Mr. Peter Piper on reaching the ground. (Another growl). Wherever he turns his frenzied gaze he 'makes sure' he sees the tiger. He begins to feel no longer valiant -

- and is on the point of 'lifting up his voice' for help, when the Mahout reappears with the elephant, which performs a timely service by lifting up his body. Mr. Peter Piper is rescued from the horrors of his position.

Once more securely seated on the back of the elephant, Mr. Peter Piper persues the chase with renewed energy. Terrific appearance of the 'Royal Bengal Tiger'.

Ungovernable rage of the infuriated elephant. The 'Royal Bengal Tiger ' falls to rise no more. In the intensity of the excitement Mr. Peter Piper looses his equilibrium.

On regaining his perpendicular Mr. Peter Piper perceives the dangerous condition of the 'feline monster' , and determines to 'polish him off at once' . He does so in gallant style.

Mr. Peter Piper receives the congratulations of his friends for the 'indomitable courage' and 'reckless daring' he has manifested throughout the perils of the day's adventure.