fTöpffer - Monsieur Vieuxbois complete online
Rodolphe Töpffer

Monsieur Vieuxbois
2nd. edition - 1839
(new translation © 2002 Andy Konky Kru)

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The first encounter. - Monsieur Vieuxbois notices with bitterness that one disappears. - Monsieur Vieuxbois feels that this is for life.

Monsieur Vieuxbois tries to distract himself with study. - This bringing no relief whatsoever, Monsieur Vieuxbois tries music. - Monsieur Vieuxbois feels that all his efforts are in vain.

Leaning out of the window, Monsieur Vieuxbois espies the Beloved Object. - Having descended to the street Monsieur Vieuxbois can see the Beloved Object no longer. - Monsieur Vieuxbois decides to write a letter.

Dream of Monsieur Vieuxbois. - Monsieur Vieuxbois receives no reply. - Monsieur Vieuxbois kills himself......fortunately the sword passes under his arm.

Monsieur Vieuxbois believes himself to be dead for 48 hours.- Monsieur Vieuxbois comes back to life, considerably thinner. - Change of underwear.

Third encounter. Declaration, sighs, hopefulness. - The Beloved Object disappears. - Suspicions.

Growing suspicions. - Suspicions return. - Crisis. - Plans.

Monsieur Vieuxbois kills himself...... fortunately the rope is too long. - After 48 hours, hearing the voice of the Beloved Object in the street, Monsieur Vieuxbois forgets he is dead and hastens towards her. - Monsieur Vieuxbois pulls along the beam at which he hung himself...

...causing unpleasantness among the citizenry...

...and no less among the Garde Nationale. - Monsieur Vieuxbois can almost touch the Beloved Object.

At the moment of reaching the Beloved Object, Monsieur Vieuxbois is halted by a cruel fate. - Monsieur Vieuxbois, wishing to return home, cannot.

Monsieur Vieuxbois inventing a procedure for returning home. - Change of underwear. - After having changed underwear, Monsieur Vieuxbois suffers palpitations.

Monsieur Vieuxbois consults his doctor. - Monsieur Vieuxbois taking asses milk.

On the doctor's advice Monsieur Vieuxbois buys an arab stallion, for his health. - Monsieur Vieuxbois taking his excercise on horseback.

The fall of Monsieur Vieuxbois. The racehorse returns home. - While getting up, Monsieur Vieuxbois becomes aware of the Beloved Object, who is not alone !!!

Perched on a tree he discovers a little tete-a-tete. - Heated argument. The Beloved Object flees.

Satisfaction. Monsieur Vieuxbois kills his rival.....fortunately the sword passes under his arm. - The rival, quite relieved, comes back to life.

Monsieur Vieuxbois, victorious, asks for the blessing of her parents, with the Beloved Object present. - Having been accepted, Monsieur Vieuxbois returns home and spends three hours bounding with joy.

After three hours the neighbours arrive, not best pleased. - Monsieur Vieuxbois in prison for nocturnal disturbance. - The prospective godparents trying to rend a visit are astonished to learn of his imprisonment.

The third suicide. Being told that his engagement is off, Monsieur Vieuxbois drinks hemlock. Fortunately it is just herbal soup. - Monsieur Vieuxbois believes himself to be dead for eight days. - The rats have chewed away the front legs of his chair, causing Monsieur Vieuxbois to fall and come back to life.

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