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Angoulême 2006

Drawings & Photos by Andy

Palmares (Awards for 'best album' etc.)

Leclerc, Fréderique Vidal (Bodoï), Thévenet (directeur du festival)


Derib, Job

Dominique Poncet (PLG)

Ville Ranta

Prix Fanzine - 'Mycose'

Catel, Etienne Davodeau

Etienne Davodeau

Benoit Monchart (directeur artistique du festival), Lewis Trondheim

Marguerite Abouet & Clement Oubrerie

Thierry Mornet, Mike Mignola

Gendrot Claude Dupuis (directeur editorial)

Benoit Monchart, Ralf König, Fabrice Ricker (König's translator)

Etienne Davodeau

Jim Lee

Juanjo Guarnido & Juan Diaz Canales

Paul Gravett

Vincent Bernière (Seuil editorial)



(after making this sketch I blagged my way to the front to take the photos)

Theatre Foyer, after awards ceremony


3 Paul Gravett / 5,6 Tom Gould / 7,8,9 Gary Northfield / 9, 10 Marie de la Villèsbrunne
10, 11 Nick Abadzis / 14-17 Paul Gravett & Russian fanzine editor

Big Ben (Groinge) - Ria Schulpen (Bries) - El Don Guillermo (Misma)

These last two were in some exhibition in town.
He's looking at my fanzine with sketches of the Frankfurt Bookfair.

Jimmy Beaulieu fait un dédicace

Ben Katchor

Chococreed & Morvel

Comics Museum (CNBDI)
These were permanent displays. By now they've all gone of course, as the museum moved to another building.

Peurs du Noirs' (CNBDI)

Expo: Wolinsky at the Comics Museum (CNBDI)

The little curtain on the left was closed during the festival, because behind it were the naughty sexy comics.

Expo Coconino World

Concert Dessins starring:

Zep - O'Groj - Hervé Tanquerelle
Jean-Christophe Chauzy - Ludovic Debeurme - Blutch
Charles Berberian - Philippe Dupuy - Jeff Pourquié - Grégory Mardon

This festival event was introduced last year by the cartoonist Zep, a combination of music and life drawing. Circa ten artists are producing a complete pre-scripted story on two tables, which is being filmed and shown on the screen. When one artist has nearly finished a panel, the next one is ready to go on, brush hovering over paper, so there is constant action, accompanied by loud, moody or pulsating music. The artists are very cool and calm while the audience goes nuts with admiration and applause.

(The Encore)

Dinner at La Palma with (left to right) Paul Gravett, James McKay, Peter Stanbury, Laurent Mélikian

Dinner (Ben Katchor, Richard McGuire)

Dupuy / Berberian and Andi Watson

(2 days later, table of publisher 'Ca et la')
Andy Watson with Serge Ewenczyk (editeur)

Figurines (There's a photo of me, with Tweety)

Fréderic Boilet

'Rencontres Internationales' Finnish alternative cartoonists

Ltr: Matti Hagelberg, Kati Kovacs, Katja Tukinainen, Terhi Ekebom, Kirsi Kinnunen (organizer, translator), French moderator

That first drawing was commented on in this Finnish blog

Exposition Martin Tom Dieck, Musée du papier

Bigwigs from L'association at the 'Theatre de Poche'

(Menu, Killofer, Baudoin, Trondheim) arguing about the usefulness (and humiliation) of signing books.
(They didn't have a table this year, some sort of protest against one thing or another.)

Hotel de Ville / Soiree finlandaise

Not very good photos, but maybe interesting to compare them to the drawing. (Yes, I can draw in the dark.)
There's a brilliant autobio-comic-gag by Nicolas Mahler which relates the behaviour of drunk fins at this very evening.
It keeps reminding me how attractive it would be to have a website just for Comic-Festival-Diary-Comics.


Angouleme on Monday (when everyone had gone)


Paris (ie post-Angouleme)

Exhibition 'Zep' (creator of comics superstar 'Titeuf')
This show was the main exhibition at last year's Angouleme, which I had missed. Lots of original watercolours.

Paris (ie post-Angouleme)
Jimmy Beaulieu at the Institute Canadien

Paris (ie post-Angouleme)
Gabrielle Bell & Matt Kindt at the Comicshop Superheros

I went back later for the second drawing and was sitting more or less where the signing table stood.

Official opering at the CNBDI Comics Musum (with Wolinski)

Queuing for a 'dedication' (signature with drawing) by J.P.Peyraud

Ralf König

Railway station Angouleme with comics ogre

Exhibition Matti Hagelberg and Katia Tukenainen at the Finnish Cultural Institute
(I made some sketches in this room 4 years earlier, see Angouleme 2002)

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