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Drawings & Photos by Andy

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Le Chat Noir

Fanzine award and other prizes, for schools etc.


Jean-Paul Jennequin (with the checkered shirt)

Preview of the new Miyazake film. Very impressive (apart from the toddler music at the end)

final press conference

More drawings are below with the corresponding photos.
No, I did not draw from any photos, all 'in situ'

Wednesday 28.January

London, (Overground) Tube Station (darkness at 6.45h)

St Pancrass at eight in the morning.

EVERYone on that train went to Disneyland Europe. Except me. And I nearly did as well, because I very, very nearly missed the stop at Lille. No announcement whatsoever, my clock had stopped, and the downstairs bit of Lille station outside my window looked like rough tunneling. Guess that's modern 'A'rchitecture. As ususal, function over form doesn't actually function all that well.


(note Paul Auster Poster, by Actes Sud, who also published City of Glass (Karasik, Micheluzzi) in France)

Waiting Room, Lille

Wednesday 28.January
CNBDI (official opening) 'Dupuy & Berberian'

Expo 'Dupuy & Berberian'

CNBDI (official opening) 'Kiriko Nananan'

CNBDI (official opening) Bittercomix

CNBDI (official opening) Café

Reception at the CNBDI (the Comics Museum)

Thursday 29.January
Nylso, Marie, Hélène

Friday 30.January
(Empoyé du Moi, Groinge, Judith et Marinette, Misma, Plus Plus, Gorgonzola)

Sunday 1. February (the last hours)

Champ de Mars (Mainstream publishers)
Thursday 29.January

Champs de Mars, Glénat queues

Espace de la Sélection Officielle
Thursday 29.January

Expo 'Julie M.'

Espace Franquin / Manga

Expo 'Shigeru Mizuki'

Espace New York

Flamands - Thursday 29.January

Pieter de Poortere (compare to my drawing at the top of this page)

Kristof Spaey

Luc Cromheecke

Reinhart (PIeter de Poortere,

Marten van de Wiele



Philip Paquet

Simon Spruyt

Randall C.


Olivier Schrauwen

Expo 'Flamands'
(ie Flemish cartoonists, - the big paper doll is by Pieter de Poortere)

Expo Frank Margerin

Expo 'Frank Margerin' (in the theatre)
For this one I had a permanent audience of 20 kids, who were being carted through the popular bits of the Festival (Margerin is a star in France). The teacher kept urging them to take a look at the exhibition as they had to move on, but no go.

James Kochalka Interview
Saturday 30.January

James Kochalka Interview (with Jean-Paul, who now sports a mustache)

Posy Simmons Interview
Saturday 30.January

Posy Simmons Interview

South Korea / 'Sai Comics'
Saturday 30.January

Expo 'Sai Comics' (from South Korea)

Friday 30.January

Expo 'Winschluss'

Award Ceremony
Sunday 1. February

Artists included in these photos:
Wolinkski, Charles Berberian, Philippe Dupuy, Jose Munoz, Posy Simmons, Emil Bravo, Etienne Davidau, Blutch (president!!!), Christian Mézieres, Gally, Marjane Satrapi, Winschluss (best album), Bastien Vivès (first publication)

A novelty: the main award ceremony takes place right at the end. Something about making the Monday newspapers.
Main winners were Blutch and Winschluss (that's supposed to be him here).
Posy Simmons got a prize for 'Tamara Drew'.
As did Bastien Vivès making his first appearance (yes, that's him with the short hair).

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