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Angoulême 2002

Train from Frankfurt to Paris

Two friends joining at Kaiserslautern.

Paris Montparnasse, where the trains are leaving for the south of France, including the one to Angouleme.

Angouleme at night. This was done on the last day, when even the 'Chat Noir' was closed (notice head of cat), one of the main haunts for international cartoonists.

Small cafe next to the Tent New York (I think), where I had a long and peaceful breakfast with a friend. Outside the long queue for the festival tickets.

Main tent before the masses are let inside. Topshelf/Knockabout table in the middle. That poster shows Depp in 'From Hell'.

Tent New York, the Fanzine tent.

Same place, with Stripburger table in the middle.

Will Eisner interview. Note his signature. ('Will Eisner, I think')

Fanzine tent again, at night. The sketching at night resulted in a terrible cold, obviously. (This was January).

Angouleme Comics Museum 'CNBDI'

Expo 'Martin Veyron' inside the museum.

More exhibitions, the one below organized by Jean-Paul Jennequin about US independent cartoonists.

Large exhibition over three floors of the municipal theatre (which also houses the annual prizes) showing work by dozens of young, sometimes very unknown, cartoonists.

Wacky event-expo by the group Requins Marteaux, the infamous 'Supermarché Ferraille'. A pseudo supermarket full of 'selfmade' products. On their wine bottles (real) was a very fancy looking label, with the tiny incription 'Les aristocrates a la laterne'.

(another sketch done late in the evening, but I was too tired to do any more crosshatching). Palais de la Justice, with a small show of new artists from the Angouleme comic school.

Paris, on Tuesday, Institute Finlandais (Finnish Institute), with yet more comics, this time of a famous (in Finland) newspaper strip by Jussi Tuomola. I didn't find time to actually read any, which is a shame, because this was the only opportunity to see them with translation labels.

The artist in the middle, signing books.

The Swedish Institute, with yet more comic exhibitions.

Paris - Comicshop 'Au Regard Moderne' (August 2002)

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