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Angoulême 2003

Paris railway terminal Montparnasse where the trains to Angoulem leave from.

Special tent for internantional dealmaking. (I got in as a journalist.)

Espace Franquin. (Franquin room). Another special meeting place for journalists and artists.

Opening of the Herge memorial, actually the re-naming of a whole street. Herge's widow was there, as was the Queen of Belgium etc, but I could see a thing.- Later on a TV crew filmed me drawing, so I have been on telly. So there.

Grand prizegiving ('palmareze'). The big prize for best Album went to Chris Ware (his Jim Corrigan had juts been published, and what can compete against that?). But he wasn't there, too busy working. Good for him of course, still, a bit disappointing. - J.C.Denis got prize for best script, which cheesed him off a bit, because he's a very proud artist as well.

Cool exhibition featuring truckloads of old books all over the place (which was a motiv of the exhibited album).

Small but interesting expo at the Italian tourist office. They had good food too, but I was too busy with the sketch, and then had to go off with the Platirum mailinglist group.

Amazing exhibition by the Ferraille crew. About a make believe robotic cinema/comics star, with fake posters, dolls, comics, films, the lot. Superb.

'New York Tent' aka Fanzine Tent. Where all the fanzines are. Well, most, some snuck into the main tent. Absolutely overwhelming. And wonderful stuff to buy. Unmissable.

Bunch of sketches done at 'Le Chat Noir', pub where lots of comics people meet.

Another pub, or rather hotel with a large bar, which was still open the Chat Noir close, at 3 in the moring. (yes, insane.). That's Charles Berberian on the left.

Here are a number of Mini-publishers who made it into the main tent: Flblb, Atrablie, Büb, Fremok.
They were actually packing up, when I made this.


Christian Schad expo

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