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Comica Comiket
ICA, London, November 2009

Photos by Andy

Mark Stafford

Nobrow 'Nobrow' Website

John Maybury
'Spacebabe' Website

Howard Hardiman
'Cute But Sad' Website

Lizz Lunney

Tom Humberstone
'Solipsistic Pop' Website

Terry Martin
'Murky Depths' Website

Paul Rainey
Paul Rainey's Website

Martin Eden - David O'Connell

Philip Spence
Ninja Bunny Website

Sean Azzopardi

Steve Braund
Atlantic Press Website

Terome McNally
Semiotic Cohesion Website

Steffen P. Maarup
Aben Maler Website

Francesca Cassavetti
Fabtoons Website

Jeremy Dennis, David Baillie, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, David Noble
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Karrie Fransman

James Nash

Richard Cowdry (in black t-shirt) ('The Bedsit Journal')
Richard Cowdry's Website

David Ziggy Green

Ellen Lindner
Ellen Lindner's Website

Steve Braund
Atlantic Press Website

Karrie Fransman, Steffen P. Maarup

Karrie Fransman, Ellen Lindner, David Baillie, Sean Azzopardi, Steffen P. Maarup

James McElvie
James McElvie's Website

Sean Duffield (Papertiger)

Paul Gravett
Paul Gravett's Website

Paul Gravett, Brian Talbot

Mark Stafford, Brian Talbot
(who had just published a book together)

Dan Berry (also at the top of this page, photo 3 & 4)

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