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Comica Comiket
12 November 2011

Photos by Andy

Brecht Evens

(brushpen sketch, published in my little zine 'Picture London')

Adam Brockbank

Baltic Comics table

David O'Connell

Douglas Noble

Gary Northfield

Howard Hardiman

Joe Decie

Karrie Fransman (with her first graphic novel)

Katie Green

Liam Cobb

Lizz Lunney

Nick Edwards
(Lovely sketchbook, eh?)

Nicolas Rossert

Posy Simmons on the podium with Paul Gravett (sorry, I should have taken a better photo)

Philippa Rice

Roger Langridge

Sally-Ann Hickman, Francesca Ghermandi

Timothy Winchester

Tom Humberstone

Tony Bennett

Richy K. Chandler

Dan Berry

From the bus on the way home

On the day before (11.11.11) (we'll have to wait until 2022 to get a similarly punchy number)
I went to a small press thing at Conway Hall - not many comics, but Tom Gauld had a table:

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