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Comica Comiket
Kings Cross, London, April 2013

Photos by Andy

Alizéé de Pin (with new Kings Cross buildings in the background)

Mark Stafford - John Miers

John Miers - David Merlin Goodbrey

David O'Connell

Gary Northfield

Rich Johnston

Mark Stafford and David Hine demonstrating the title of their new graphic novel ('Man Laughing')

Philippa Rice - Timothy Winchester

John Maybury

Big Comic made by Woodrow Phoenix

Exhibition Room

Karrie Fransman, Gary Northfield

Tony Bennett from Knockabout - next table: Martin Eden

Nowbrow Table

Sean Azzopardi

Douglas Noble

Richy K. Chandler table (I think)

Lizz Lunney, Phillipa Rice

John Anderson (Soaring Penguin Press)

Joe Decie

Alex Fitch, , Gary Northfield

Comicshop Megacity, Camden

Comicshop Gosh

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