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Early Comics - Alphabetical

Unidentified Artists
Early Comics In Print (reprint books)
The Birth of Modern Comics (circa 1800-1860)
Sunday Supplements 1897
Early Comics - Chronological
The same as above, but in chronological sections.
my own work:
Abstract Comics
In case you don't understand why these are supposed to be comics, think of them as little movies showing abstract shapes moving about.
'Konky Kru' Comics
What this website adress is named after, my 'classic comic strip gags' comic. Only an early version here, as I dislike later attempts. There will be more, eventually.
Other Comics
My comics other than abstract and Konky Kru. I still don't know which (if any) of these three will turn out to be my main comics output. At the moment I'm busiest with 'fine art' stuff, see below.
Angoulême Photos & Drawings
My drawings and photos from several visits to the Comics Capital. There's also a page just of my Comic Festival Drawings.
Watercolour, Acryl
Pen and Ink, Brush and Ink, Pencil
'Art' photos, different from my documentary snapshots

My Blogs:

Early comics:       earlycomics.wordpress.com

My own comics:       konkykru.wordpress.com

My paintings & drawings:       andybleck.wordpress.com

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